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Katharina I. Boser, Ph.D.
Dr. Katharina Boser has a research background as a cognitive developmental psychologist in both ASD research (at the Johns Hopkins University) and in language impairments in patients with aphasia, using computerized therapy techniques (Computerized Visual Communication System “C-Vic”) at the University of Maryland. She served as Chair/Co-Chair of the Innovative Technology for Autism (ITA) board for Autism Speaks for several years and currently works with Anthrotronix, a technology R&D and robotics company. Her research in ASD has mostly focused on computerized assessment and therapy with low-functioning children in which she discovered more accurate way of assessing knowledge, using computerized presentation. Her other research areas in ASD includes investigation of verbal working memory, visual perception and attention abnormalities, number representation, as well as inter-hemispheric differences in processing. Dr. Boser has conducted several research studies with AnthroTronix, including one at the Linwood School in Ellicott City, MD. This study evaluated the efficacy of Cosmo’s Learning Systems in improving cognitive performance in students with low-functioning ASD, and she also developed a computerized assessment tool for this software. Other studies have included research with Disney on "Crush the turtle" at Epcot for eliciting speech in non-verbal children and studies with Cosmobot, a social robot that engages children in social play and develops joint attention skills.
She is founder of Boser Educational Technologies a consulting company that provides education and assistance to families and schools regarding appropriate technology solutions for students with disabilities. She is also president of Individual Differences in Learning, a non-profit organization in Howard County Maryland dedicated to raising understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of students who are bright but also have measurable learning challenges. Technology provides excellent solutions for this population as well. Dr. Boser provides workshops for parents, teachers on schools on many of these topics, including; Twice Exceptionality, Tools for Learning in the 21st Century, Universal Design for Learning and the 'Hidden Curriculum'--Emotions and learning. She is available to come to your school, and give a 'hands-on' workshop or presentation on a variety of related topics. Slides from her talks are available at under the technology resources tab and on this wiki site under handouts. Her main webpage is at
As of September 2011, she has joined the faculty at the Glenelg Country School in Ellicott City, Maryland as the Technology Coordinator for the Lower School (2nd through 5th grade). She teachers computer science and technology to the students and technology integration to the teachers. For more information about the school, see

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