Apps for Fine Motor Development

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Dexteria is for parents and occupational therapists who want to improve fine motor skills or handwriting readiness in children and adults. Dexteria’s unique hand and finger exercises take full advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch interface to help build strength, control, and dexterity.

The tracking and reporting feature makes it easy for parents and OT’s to identity time on task and progress. You can even email reports to your therapist or teachers, right from the app itself.

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Otsimo is an educational platform includes more than 50+ educational games in it. In Otsimo, there is a category for drawing and tracing. You can find letter tracing and free-form writing/drawing apps in it.

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Guided handwriting with a really fun, reinforcing interface
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Free-form writing/drawing app with lined/graph paper options & notebook functionality for storage. Great with Acase plus or Griffin stylus at Amazon for about $15-20
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Touch Trainer
This iPad application helps children develop better reasoning skills by sending them through a series of challenges, intended to improve the touch response ability for ipod/ipad. The levels increase in difficulty gradually. The app contains seven different levels, and how long it takes to progress from each level can be varied in the settings, which come up as soon as the application is opened. start the “reinforcement length” to one second, but you can judge this for yourself according to your child’s preferences.see review on autismpluggedin
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Apps for Sensory Calming

Create relaxing ripples while you enjoy the sounds of nature. Interact with the fish – scare them, feed them, and watch their schooling behavior. It’s your own personal pond to cleanse your worries and free your mind. Features: Interactive water reacts to touches and swipes. Feed the koi by double tapping. Relaxing nature soundscape. Stereo sound effects (best experienced with headphones). Customizable lily pads. Thunderstorm effects
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Zen Bound 2
Zen Bound 2 is a meditative puzzle game of wrapping rope around wooden sculptures. It is a tactile game, with a focus on making rope, wood and stone look and feel real and believable. The dusty and soothing atmosphere is a combination of beautiful visuals and a unique down-tempo soundtrack.
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Uzu is a kinetic multitouch particle visualizer. Really it’s a sort-of math-physics-art-toy for anyone who ever loved spirographs, fireworks, planetariums, lava lamps, light sabers, pen lasers, tesla coils, christmas lights, or graphing calculators. Points of light will shoot across the screen and fly to your command, twirling in a vortex of color and motion.
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Try Apps for Drawing and Animating



Cursive practice

Doodle pad

draw animals

art rage

art kit



animation studio

stop motion