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Apps Lists and Reviews for Autism and Children with Special Needs

Start with AppStart and Autism Apps and the Users Guide to your device this is your first step.
for great reviews categorized by education topic, lists, blogs, and research links)
From UDL Toolkit: list of udltechtoolkit resources
(see wiki site associated with UDL toolkit--great ipad tips)
For YOUTUBE Playlist of Communication app Demos (proloquo, TabletTalk, Speak forYourself, Abilipad, Mobile ed apps)
7 apps literacy article by Dr. Boser (includes descriptions of Abilipad, clicker docs and Avaz among others)

New Mexico Talk slides

Great Video clip from 60 Min with Leslie Stahl

Great app reviews, at autismpluggedin
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Autism Speaks list of apps
Autism Apps on AS
Pathfinders, Maryland article "There's an app for that!"
Feature matching grid from Shane and Caron

Joy Zabala SETT framework for evaluating and assessing apps

Vizzle Blog and Vizzle's You Tube Channel are really helpful
Generalization Presentation

VizZle Video Overview
and overview slides

Your group can request a login here:
After you watch a demo, you can get a 30 free trial.
Contact Marisa Rodriguez (southwest Regional Sales)
218 834 3120
Be sure to request a Pilot! If you can organize 10 team members as a group they provide some PD which is great for introducing you more formally to the program!
Cheryl Bregman's Presentation on Abilipad and what you can do with it.

This resource ncludes apps for higher functioning students and all curricular areas:
Great Exploring New Territories Technology PDF resources (downloadable) from Florida resource Center
for home page

See also list and links to apps available for android and via web browsers on

Super list from scribd (downloadable .pdf) of:
apps for kids with special needs
Mom (Shannon De LaRosa) of Leo showcases how he has used the iPad, great blog
Autism apps Spreadsheet
Link to spreadsheet of Leo's favorite apps
B12patch List of 10 great autism apps
Special needs Apps website: (now called bridgingapps)
Appolicious with app lists from appolicious for children with special needs

also has video tutorials for things to do with your ipad and case study videos of how kids are using ipads

links to autism apps
UK site called "ipads in Education" (see special education link)
this site also updates apps reviews

Links for learners with multiple special needs

More resources for Students with Autism

Project Touch --VA student Priya Krishnan, reaches out to families in need of ipods/ipads and provides them free of charge by raising $

David Winograd article on apps for autism in TUAW
check out other technologies for autism at my other website :
and More resources and links at
CNN feature story "iPad gives voice to kids with autism"

NEW AppyAutism site from Project Orange (European Foundation) : lists and categorizes apps for autism

Videos on using ipads for Autism

Video from autism hangout and Lois onexpressive language apps
Apple and Dr. Howard Shane, Shannon (mother of Leo) on the iPad as a Game Changer for kids with Autism
apps used include: toddler counting, my first words and kids writing pad
Lois Brody of--
CBS 60 Minutes on Apps for Autism

Resources for More Great Technology for learning

For ipod/ipad implementation see Wes Fryer's recent handouts on apps in education

Tony Vincent Learning in Hand
Implementing Universal Design for Learning (downloadable .pdf with active links to Super Resources)
from Florida 2010 resource “Exploring new Territories”

MOMS with Apps
Moms with apps (from March, 2011) Autism Review

Articles and Research

best apps for education from eschoolnews

Australian study on iPods in classrooms
Link to .PDF

iPad as an interactive whiteboard
(from Wes Fryer's Moving at the Speed of Creativity
Great review of different apps for displaying iPad interactively and how to do this very inexpensively, see splashtop
Favorite apps on 'appsfire' and appolicious (from Wes Fryer blog)
see also: Wes Fryer's recent handouts on apps in education
Tech and Learning Autism Apps Blog Post
Boser and Herlihy on Tech and learning
iPad Academy
(post about apps for students with disabilities)

Dan Herlihy's super list of technologies and apps for students with special needs
(see also other resources at his website: )
NPR review of children's book apps
Walt Mossberg on Using IPads productively
All Things Digital

Bloggers to follow:
Apps in Education


Delicious/bookminder/ipad pilot

iGo With My iPad

iPad Academy

iPad Creative Blog

iPad Curriculum

iPad Inquiry

iPAD Learning LAB by The MASIE Center

iPads at Burley

iPads in Education |

iPadTrial @ Epsom PS


RNPS iPad Trial