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A Wiki site created by Katharina I. Boser, Ph.D. (see 'Wiki Creator' link on left side bar for my background)
(These pages were originally created for a talk at ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia and have been shared with many different audiences.including ISTE 2012 (San Diego) and my lovely Canadian Audiences!)
With such a large and connected community, you will be sure to want to visit the Resources page with more links and information. But if you are new, the process can be daunting. These pages are organized to limit the search space for you, providing tools for only the main categories of 'need' for students with autism. This leaves you with many more tools to explore under other pages. I've also included a page with Rubrics, Handouts and a list of Android Apps. and a special 'updated apps' section for my recent literacy talks.
While the focus is on those apps that help students with Autism, many students with special needs can be helped by some of these listed

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For my other website go to http://bit.ly/autismtech
Another page of interest with technology links and good information is http://bit.ly/appsforlearning
and to Vizzle and Splashtop and Mobile Education their help with ISTE 2011, 2012

Find a list of Free and inexpensive resources for PD and online learning at http://bit.ly/freeautismtech

For more free sites and software specific to reading go to http://bit.ly/readingtools
For help finding apps read Dan Herlihy's article http://bit.ly/Herlihyappssearch

Download a PDF of my ISTE2012 talk slides here!

Download PDFs of my two Winnipeg talks below:
2013 Winnipeg Conference on Developmental Disabilities: __http://bit.ly/Winnipegebookcreation__
A Note about Wikis. A Great WEB 2.0 tool for education...
A Wiki is a shared space for members to contribute or edit information (comes from wikipedia). I love to have members help maintain this site, however, YOU do NOT need to join as a member of the Wiki to benefit from looking at the pages ( I get many folks asking me if someone can join, but they never comment or add information). If you join, it should be because you want to contribute something to the community. Membership to these pages require that you tell me a little about yourself and why you are interested in participating. I do check the pages for recent updates and changes made by members. However, it is a place for you to share what you are finding and comment on what you like. This learning environment is always changing so its great to have help from the members to the wiki site. That's what Web2.0 is all about, the democracy of sharing.