Functional and Social Skills Apps

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I Dress for Weather
iDress is as simple as providing you with a weather forecast and a closet full of acceptable clothing that corresponds to that weather. When you open up the app it asks to use your current location and then gives you a weather estimate.
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Jungle TIme
Jungle Time is an incredibly easy, fun and interactive app that teaches kids how to tell time. Jungle Time for the iPad maintains the easy and engaging interface of the popular iPhone/iPod touch version, adding many more layers of fun and challenges and taking full advantage of the iPad’s large screen and HD quality. Usability tested with kids ages 5 and up, Jungle Time has proven to be tremendously effective at teaching kids how to read and manipulate analog clocks. Kids go from being complete novices to experts within minutes!
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Pictello is a simple way to create talking photo albums and talking books. Each page in a Pictello Story can contain a picture, up to five lines of text, and a recorded sound or text-to-speech using high-quality voices. Stories can be shared using iTunes File Sharing or via WiFi with other Pictello users through a free account on the Pictello Sharing Server. Use Pictello to create: Stories to teach social skills or to recall events, Photo albums to allow non-speaking people to share their news and interests, Sharing important events and memories with family who live far away, Talking books, Teaching narrative skills as part of a literacy or language skills curriculum, Schedules, Task instructions, etc.
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Everyday Social Skills
The Everyday Social Skills application is designed to teach and reinforce basic social skills critical for independent living. For some, going on a shopping trip, using basic literacy skills, or understanding what to do when seeing a warning sign are very difficult tasks. The Everyday Social Skills application provides easy-to-understand information that allows users to become more capable of functioning independently at work, at home, and in the community.

*Contains 80 videos
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Create custom social stories with voice text and images. from look2learn company
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Model me Going Places
Model Me Going Places™ for the iPad is a great visual teaching tool for helping your child learn to navigate challenging locations in the community. Each location contains a photo slideshow of children modeling appropriate behavior.
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Potty Training Social Story
This app is an interactive social story about potty training that is customizable for boys or girls. The app also includes a visual schedule for using the potty and an extensive FAQ page that lists answers written by a board certified behavior analyst to common potty training questions.
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Voila FriendsFaces
Kids love faces, and VolaFriends make lots and lots of faces! Your child will be delighted at the happy, sad, angry, surprised and scared facial expressions our actors make at the touch of a finger. This fun activity is appropriate for children as young as 18 months, but even adults have been caught poking through the dozens of short, beautifully photographed performances that our actors have to offer. The game is simple and engaging – a grid of nine faces randomly populates the screen, each with one of five emotions. When you touch a face, it expands to fill up the screen and “makes a face” while you hear the actor say the selected emotion, ie “happy!” “sa-a-a-d. . .” etc. Once the face has made its expression, the grid reappears with a whole new set of faces.
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Mood Smurks: A single, adjustable face is your interface to nearly 350 distinct, nuanced emotional expressions.• Wurk Smurks: Another 50+ “wurk smurks” communicate drier information like, “I’m on the phone,” “Ka-ching,” “Must have coffee,” or “Let’s do lunch.” These are grouped thematically in familiar looking menus.
• Jurk Smurks: Shake your phone just for the fun of it and see what happens. Then share the fun!
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Look in my eyes
Eye contact is an important social skill that some children find challenging. any child who has difficulties with eye contact may benefit from playing.The game rewards players for quickly focusing in on a person’s eyes. Through repeated practice we attempt to develop a habit that families can transfer to real life settings as they remind children to use the skills they have practiced in the game.How do you play? Children look at a series of faces, and need to focus on the eyes quickly in order to answer correctly and earn points. The game makes repeated practice fun as children use the points they earn to buy items for their own virtual world - in this case a restaurant, complete with 5 different rooms. Over 40 items of furniture, food, and utensils can be rotated, enlarged, shrunk and positioned to create cool scenes. Kids can take snapshots of their creations and view them in the game's Photo Gallery, the iPhone’s Camera Roll or the iPod touch’s Saved Photos.See other apps by Fizzbrain!
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Faces iMake
Faces iMake is all about stimulating the right-brain and giving kids a fun and playful educational environment. The app encourages kids to solve problems creatively; to innovate; to see things from a different perspective; to create obvious forms with the most unexpected combination of objects. Faces iMake piques the curiosity and helps develop your child's mind. It’s no wonder that Daniel Pink, New York Times Best Selling Author of “A Whole New Brain” recommends Faces iMake, “It’s fun and addicting — if you can get it away from your kids”!
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Conversation Social Stories and Simple PECS Communication
Conversation social stories is made up of four social stories about different conversational skills and simple communication tools to go with them.

The stories focus on greetings, asking someone to play, what to talk about in a conversation and tips for great conversations. Some of the stories include square buttons with images that play whatever part of the conversation the the story is about. The buttons are similar to PECS in that they have a picture that represents the idea, and then play a message when tapped.
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Quick cue
QuickCues is a social script app that helps teens and young adults on the autism spectrum to handle new situations and learn new skills. Social scripts have been used successfully for years, but QuickCues makes these tools mobile and easy to use in everyday situations.
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On line/Internet based Applications that are worth looking into for Face/Emotion Recognition Skills (use splashtop remote on your ipad)

Research based program: published Feb, 2011 in JADD
"The children with LFA demonstrated improvements in two areas of the intervention: emotion recognition and social interactions. The children with HFA demonstrated improvements in all three areas: facial recognition, emotion recognition, and social interactions. These findings, particularly the measured improvements to social interactions in a natural environment, are encouraging"
link to research results
link to 30 daytrial

try it with spashtop on ipad
follow the face video on Youtube

Amazing Gazing on youtube

bandaid clinic on youtube
or $79 for a year home license

FACELAND "Schools" are based on the hypothesis that some children will build skill in facial recognition of emotion by:

  • Breaking them down into smaller pieces (clues)
  • Promoting clue acquisition via spaced repetition
  • Checking for understanding of clues using new examples
  • Combining clues for “part to whole” learning
  • Utilizing instruction that incorporates photos, mirror mimic sessions, and varied interaction
  • Easy-to-use progress tracking provides data about correct and incorrect responses for each emotion and activity. This data helps teachers understand the specific expressions that a user struggles with and helps target remediation efforts. FACELAND reports "time on task" and assignments can be individualized. Student reports can be printed out for inclusion in portfolio progress evaluation and IEPs.
cost: $179 for 1-4 licenses
webpage to find


Go to links on my autism tech site on Transporters. Just recently made available in the US


The Transporters was developed with the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University. It uses animated vehicles with real human faces to help children transfer learning to real life.

Episodes and quizzes are designed to be enjoyed repeatedly. Children love to watch them again and again - and this helps them learn.
go to for information on purchase (basic homepack is $65)