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Student-Player-Icon-Small.jpgVizzle from Monarch

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Vizzle is a fully customizable visual Instruction tool allowing teachers to create and share curriculum specifically designed for students with autism (beta tested with input from the Monarch School, Ohio). Teachers can create lessons tied specifically to IEP goals in any area that are engaging, interactive (using touch response/whiteboard), and include visual schedules and rewards. Display modes include custom video, audio and image options in a variety of formats and a huge host of available media are included tailored to functional and academic needs. Learn more here. Keep up to date on latest best practices in autism education through Vizzle U. The student player currently runs on android devices, but will be on ipod/ipad soon. Use splashtop to run off laptop.Each VizZle license comes with 3 free VizZle Student Player add-ons to play VizZle content (in addition to the player within VizZle itself), allowing up to 4 students to play data-tracked lessons at the same time.

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TeachTown provides education software and solutions for children with special needs and autism. Serving special education, TeachTown addresses language learning, social skills, communications skills and emotional development. currently not available as an app.

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Dr. Gary Brown’s Autism/DTT apps use Discrete Trial Training (DTT) to help your child learn. DTT is the primary teaching method used in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach numerous pre-academic and social skills to children with autism. This app can be used to help teach the basic shapes, numbers colors, etc. to children with autism, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), or any child who has trouble staying on task.Finding the right therapy for a child with autism can be overwhelming. Only Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has years of scientific research proving its effectiveness and is recommended by The National Institute of Mental Health and the Surgeon General. But caregivers quickly learn that well-trained therapists in ABA are expensive and hard to find. During Dr. Brown’s forty years of clinical experience as a Licensed Psychologist he has tried to provide low-cost ABA resources for caregivers so they can do their own ABA. ABA and DTT increases your child’s likelihood of being mainstreamed, increases happiness, and gives you hope. These DTT Apps are fully automated and have been tested with children with autism at The Children’s Treatment Center. This app is designed to be very simple with no distracting stimuli because children with autism (and other disorders) are easily distracted. This app is not designed to be a general purpose game, but rather a clinically tested training approach for children with a specific type of learning disability. ($14.99)

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Pudding stone Place from Children's Hospital, Boston
(Dr. Howard Shane)
Puddingstone Place is an interactive virtual environment where individuals enter and move around in the two-floor Puddingstone house, comprised of seven photo-realistic rooms. Rich in sound, graphics, and animation, this interactive house incorporates common household objects that can produce their associated sounds, movements, and labels (names) when individuals activate them. For example, the tea kettle in the kitchen whistles and generates steam, producing a text label and voiceover for the word 'kettle.'
Puddingstone Place is designed for a diverse group of individuals, including those with auditory, word retrieval, and language learning difficulties, especially those on the autism spectrum. The software can be customized for different ages and learning difficulties. When tailored for children, the program starts up with an interactive, engaging character named Champ who pops up to introduce each room. Children will enjoy visiting the Playroom to play the interactive Dress-Up Champ, Sticky Bubble Gum, and Orchestra games. The software is flexible enough for use with adults, who can turn off Champ and customize the software to assist with word retrieval, and modify the cueing controls to meet their personal needs. ($129.00) see other language apps

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