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Books that will speak to you and TTS/Word Prediction
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Playtime Theater
Allows students to interact with real theater, turn on and off lights, change the scenery and make sounds go on and off. Different characters can be used, add sound recording and movement and create your own play.By Make Believe Worlds LLC, (Cost: $2.99)
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My Playhome
Interact with 4 members of a family living in a 4 room house. Toilet really flushes, give a person one of the items from the fridge and watch (and listen to them eat and drink). Lots of neat interactive components in each room. by Shimon Young. (Cost:$2.99)
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Students can create their own narratives with beginning rising and falling action and end. App guides student to make choices. by Launchpad toys (cost $4.99
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Book Creating Apps:

Super book creator, viewable in any reader. MANY features especially for the cost. Inline editing: Bold, Italic, Underline & Insert Link,Add title, paragraph, images, videos, audio recording, music, links, custom HTML, and lists, Support Markdown syntax, Add page break within a chapter, Import ePub file from Dropbox, Google Docs & Email, Import document from Google Docs into HTML format, Import text, photo, music & video from Dropbox, Edit image (redeye removal, filters, etc), more
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cost $3.99
The simple way to create your own beautiful iBooks, right on the iPad. add images text, and sound.Read them in iBooks, send them to your friends, or submit them to the iBookstore.Ideal for children’s picture books, photo books, art books, cook books, manuals, textbooks, and the list goes on.
Cost $4.99
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CAST book builder
Use this site to create, share, publish, and read digital books that engage and support diverse learners according to their individual needs, interests, and skills.cost free
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See curriculum tools page for full information on ipad player and web version
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Pictello is a simple way to create talking photo albums and talking books. Each page in a Pictello Story can contain a picture, up to five lines of text, and a recorded sound or text-to-speech using high-quality voices. Stories can be shared using iTunes File Sharing or via WiFi with other Pictello users through a free account on the Pictello Sharing. Universal app. cost $18.99
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Speech Journal
see more information under Language and Communication page about mobile education. this app lets you record speech and add images cost $1.99
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iDiary For Kids is a powerful journaling app for children. It enables them to write creative personal journal entries, upload photos and draw pictures. cost 1.99
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ibooks Author
A bit more of a daunting task. but here is the Monster list of ibook author tutorials
for free download for mac os
link to handbook
link to ibooks and more info

check out Dan Herlihy's handout with great information about creating your out ibooks

Books apps that will speak to you

Text to Speech and Audio Functionality

check Accessibility feature on your ipod or ipad in system

free app but books in store cost. good voices and slow down/speed up available.

text to speech and translator for webpages and text documents

From within Read2Go, you can browse, search, download, and read books directly from Bookshare using your Bookshare membership, as well as read DAISY books from other sources. The app gives you full control over visual choices for font size and color, background and highlighting color, and text-to-speech preferences. Read2Go features word-by-word highlighting for multi-modal reading.
cost $19.99
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Word prediction, text to speech, corrects misspellings, send to email
cost $14.99
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vbookz pdf.JPG
vBooksz PDF
Bookz PDF Voice Reader is an app that reads your PDF files aloud. It’s the best way to follow and read documents on iPad, iPhone or iPod. vBookz Voice Reader adds orientation and navigation tools that enhances the reading experience. An interactive cursor allows users to follow along, pause reading or even repeat lines to ensure reading comprehension

cost $4.99

Nook for Kids
see below

books in the public domain read by volunteers,several apps make use of this website to read books to you.

Other websites/tools
Library for the Blind and Disabled, Kurzweil, Don Johnston BookShare

Some sites with Books for kids
One more Story RAZ kids Starfall


Interactive literacy
MeeGenius Books
great children's story that has interactive games and
illustrates the problems some very 'active' kids can run into.(each book $.99, app comes with a set of free books)
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Crack the Books
Set of interactive books with built in media and assessments. Level reading and expert content creation. Includes science content about oceans, biomes and more. as well as maps and interactive labelling tools.

Tumble books
Set of books that are read aloud as phrases are highlighted in red. Illustrated elements wiggle and move to draw attention to content. Munch series are great! 5 books for 5.99. Books 'read' like a youtube video.
link to website
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Story mouse
This is where you’ll find the very best children’s stories, beautifully told with bags of fun. Whether it’s our illustrated app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or our audiobooks, The Story Mouse offers wonderful stories & fairytales, all at the click of a mouse!
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Bob Books
Build and read sentences through drag-letters-into-place word building and animated picture prompts. letters sound out phonemes as they are touched. different levels allow change of distractors. picture elements wiggle and move as words are spelled(3.99)
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Wild Fables
New interactive book with tactile parts, unique style of creating cause and effect dynamic that relates to the content of the story e.g., push grapes out of reach of the fox, bird cannot reach water as you try to move his head into the Glass ..
for first book, $1.99 each fable
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Nook for Kids
Not all will work on ipad, but sounds, wonderful narration and colorful images keep children glued to the story. use Nook Color for best results
app is free but books cost $4.99 and more
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Tom Thumb
(see other Ruckus books)
John Cleese narrates this wonderful interactive and (very) funny retelling of tom thumb. Ruckus and 'fablevision' worked on animation/illustrations. very engaging. see
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Tacky the Penguin
A penguin who doesn't fit in earns the affections of his group. Different modes support pre-readers & early readers. (cost 2.99)
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Cosmo’s day off
Experience an interactive storybook that is out of this world! Join Cozmo in his adventure across the stars, and enjoy games and activities along the way. Audio Narration, 100 unique audio and animated interactions, customize with your own voice, change voice pitch control, includes games and activities
(Cost: $3.99)
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Toy Story 2
Free interactive story book app with short animations, puzzles and motion oriented game to keep child coming back to the story and characters

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Aesops Wheel of Fables
Includes life’s most important and ageless morals, through short stories and fun games with Aesop’s animal characters! Stories include “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, “The Hare and the Tortoise”, “Town Mouse & Country Mouse” etc.- Inspired by “Wheel of Fortune”, “Wheel of Fables” is an awesome way for parents and kids to enliven bedtime story selection!
- Games to reward reading – bonus “Spot-The-Difference” games are unlocked with every fable read (above 5 fables). Available in English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified) and German.Comes with original English and Chinese audio tracks.Voice recording function (cost:$4.99)
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Violet and the mysterious black dog (see others in series)
In a small, peaceful neighborhood, a wonderfully curious and clever girl is about to get herself into a bit of mischief. Her name is Violet and she has a very secret "SECRET." When Violet ties on her black satin mask she becomes Phantom Girl, the world's most daring experimenter!
Read and interact as Violet investigates the outcome of Phantom Girl's latest experiment to turn forward the hands on the clock and take control of time. created by Black Dog Books LLC. (cost: $2.99)
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Little Critter, I was so mad
Interactive book where narration and audio are mixed. words display across page when objects/items are touched and they are narrated. lots of fun!--see full set of books available at
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Jack and the Beanstalk
Experience Jack and the Beanstalk like never before in this wonderfully illustrated storybook, featuring over 30 pages of interactivity which your child will enjoy. This timeless tale comes alive with audio narration, read-along text, and interactive games and features. Each page contains a hidden surprise! Come and dive into the pages of Jack and the Beanstalk and join Jack in his adventure to defeat the giant! (cost:$3.99)
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(sorry its in Japanese but great vid of the app!)
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Dr. Seuss's ABC's
Great Interactivity - click each word to hear, or use autoplay. Supports sight reading.(cost $3.99)
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Zanny Born to run
Interactive, rhythmic story about a boy who just can't stop! Comes with a game that targets facial expression identification.(cost: $2.99)
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