Apps for managing behavioral data via your mobile device.

Most have excellent data input systems, for recording important information on the fly. Some have excellent graphing and data management systems on the 'backend'. These systems allow you to view the data many different ways, often after you sync with your computer and manage the data there. Several have built in data graphing systems, although these are often more primitive.

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Autism Tracker Pro: Track, analyze and share ASD daily
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Autism Tracker can be life changing for families with an autistic child. Explore Autism. Track what matters to your child and your family. Use the visual calendar and multi-item graphs to view and discuss patterns. Share with your team using email, iCloud, Dropbox, or Twitter (Twitter lets you set up closed groups). Fully customizable, but already set up to get you started: Mood items (Happiness, Stress, Activity Level, Hyperactivity, Weather), Behavior items (Bolting, Self-injurious, Property Destruction, Tantrum), Food items (Casein, Lactose, Gluten, Colorants, Caffeine), Health items (Sleep, Bowel Movements, BM Texture).
Symtrend App for Behavior Tracking
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Don’t try to keep the details in your head about what your child did or what was going on around you!
Enter therapies, medications, diets, supplements, and activities in our personal health record. When you have time, sync the data to the website to figure out what’s going on and share with caregivers, teachers and other staff members
ADLs symtrend; for Activities of Daily Living
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Based on the book 'No more meltdowns'; Antecedent-Behavior tracking
SymTrend ADL lets you quickly record important information about ADLs and behaviors. Pick the ADL skill you want to focus on and track it. Once it’s mastered, move on to the next.
Report about the ADLs and behaviors as things happen. A few taps is all it takes and your app accurately records the information for you.
Sync online and graph or chart to observe how the ADLs and behaviors are linked. Get comprehensive reports about the information you entered to share with caregiving team. Determine what may be getting in the way of your child doing the ADLs.
Monitor your child’s progress over time to see how well the medications, diets, supplements, and strategies are working, and if you need to, try a new one.Find new strategies on the site that will help your child achieve independence.Try for free for 14 days, then one year only $25
Behavior Tracker pro
Skill Tracker pro
Behavior Tracker Pro
and Team Viewer (cost for each $29.99)
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iPrompt, and Autism Track by Handheld Technologieshandholdadaptive technologies
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iprompt now available on android ($9.99)
The original picture-based prompting app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Used by thousands of caregivers to create and present unique visual schedules, timers and choices for life on-the-go. see also autism track, a
powerful, portable data tracking tool for parents of kids with autism. Easily track any behavior, therapy, medication, diet or supplement. Review the patterns and trends occurring in your home(iprompt for android $9.99 and iprompt & autismtrack each on ipod is $39.99)..
ABC Data Pro
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A multi-mode data collection App. Created by Dr. Raymond G. Romanczyk, BCBA-D and Dr. Jennifer M. Gillis, BCBA-D to assist professionals and students in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), special education, school psychology, and clinical psychology, as well as researchers conducting observational studies. ABC Data Pro is an unobtrusive data collection tool for behavior count, partial and full interval, and ABC (FBA) recording. Sessions are saved until user wishes to email the data.
(also available for android devices)
eCOVE Observation software;
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app is free for trial period, licensing by year
Whether an IEP or RTI, the objective and easy to collect eCOVE data makes qualifying students for special education services and monitoring progress clear and concise. Quickly gather data for reports, feedback to teachers and students, and communication with parents.Quick and clear reports with 32 SpEd tools. New checklist and scale tools and templates. Compare target student behavior with peers. Tools to track any observable behavior
Picture Planner

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Multi-modal visual schedules: all icons have graphic image, text label, and text to speech.
Activities organized into simple categories: What are you doing? With Who? Where? How will you get there? How much money do you need? What to Bring? What Clothes to Wear? Scroll through step by step elements of each activity. Get Push Notification activity reminders. Mark activities as completed and sync back to desktop Picture Planner, Work with your own customized images on your Mac or Windows desktop and then just sync to your iOS device.The simple interface of Pocket Picture Planner HD makes staying on schedule easy. Buttons speak their names. Activity steps lay out the detailed information necessary to complete an event. This innovative mobile app brings assistive technology for self-management to those who need it most.

Apps for Managing Behavior, Dealing with Timing and Rewarding Students

My Choice Board by
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The primary purpose of My Choice Board is to present a visual display of “choices” to those with limited communication skills. This gives individuals with Autism, communication delays or learning differences the opportunity to be independent and express their own specific needs and wants. Easy to use and perfect for creating “quick” choice boards on the go.
First Then Visual Schedule by
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First-Then visual schedule is an affordable user-friendly mobile application designed for caregivers to provide positive behavior support through the use of “visual schedules”. First-Then was designed for individuals with communication needs, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders or anyone who would benefit from a structured environment.First-Then allows schedules to be created “on the go” and customized to the needs of the individual. Schedules can be created to show daily events or steps need to complete a specific activity or daily events.

Morning Routines (musical)
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read all about this app on Geekmom
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Syncs with Google Calendar, lots of great visual features and reminder functions. tasks also sync.
Chore Pad
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Weekly and daily chore chart views, Chore icons, Fun sounds and animations, Collect stars to "buy" rewards, See all rewards received in the rewards history view, Collect checkmarks to earn trophies, Add chores to the Chore Chest for easy assignment to multiple users, Customize chores for each user, Set up repeat intervals and assign chores to any combination of days, Drag and drop chore reordering, User photo selection complete with move and scale, Data protection through the Settings application by
Time Timer
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Use it to "show" what 5 minutes really means!
3 Ways to Visualize Time:
- 60 Minutes Mode: Here, the circle represents 60 minutes, so you can quickly gauge how much time you have left.
- Custom Mode: Here, the circle will count down any amount of time you set – up to 11 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds!
- Clock Mode: Your Timer appears on a real clockface. So, if it’s 9:00 and you set a 90-minute Timer, you can watch time elapse until 10:30.
Turn Taker:
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The Turn Taker uses visual and/or audio cues to facilitate turn taking and/or sharing in children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome or other special need. This app has also been used successfully with young children, children diagnosed with ADHD, and with any child that finds it difficult to share!
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Fun, interactive reward tracking system. Can also use as a token board.
Calm Counter
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Calm Counter is a visual and audio tool to help people calm down when they are angry or anxious. The app includes a social story about anger, and audio/visual tools for calming down.


Wait Timer Social Story and Visual Timer Tool
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====Wait Timer is a visual and audio tool to help people with waiting. The app includes a social story about waiting, and an audio/visual tool for waiting that can be set to different times.====